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Hello! I'm a passionate 27-year-old graduate from Falmouth University, specializing in Marine and Natural History Photography. With a solid foundation in art and design through my Art and Design Diploma, I have cultivated a diverse skill set across various art forms.


My main passion lies in wildlife photography, where I have received accolades and awards for my work. Capturing the beauty and essence of nature has always been a driving force behind my creative journey.

With over 9 years of experience in the photo and video industry, I have had the privilege of working on a range of exciting projects. From photographing wildlife to filming thrilling GT race events, each assignment has allowed me to push the boundaries of my craft.

One of the perks of my current role as a Senior Producer at We Are The Trend Ltd is the opportunity to travel across the planet. Exploring different landscapes and cultures not only enriches my work but also broadens my perspective on storytelling through visuals.

Constantly driven by the desire to learn and grow, I am always seeking new techniques, technologies, and trends to enhance my skills. I am excited to see how my career will evolve and the impact I can make within the industry.

Let's connect and explore potential collaborations or share insights within the vibrant world of photography and videography. I'm eager to connect with fellow enthusiasts and professionals who are as passionate about visual storytelling as I am. Together, let's capture moments that inspire and leave a lasting impression.

Awards & Certifications

British Wildlife Photography Awards Finalist
2022 & 2024

Wildlife Trust BCN Photography Competition Finalist

2021 & 2023

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Finalist

2021 & 2024

Bird Photographer Of The Year Finalist


Suffolk Wildlife Trust Photography Competition Winner

Alamy Runner Up Student

Photographer of the Year

PADI Rescue Diver Qualification

Contact Me


T: 07795-193-472

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